Big-Data driven risk analysis for drones

Flock’s artificial intelligence platform uses Big Data to make drones safer and smarter in urban environments

Flock aggregates and analyses Big Data to quantify drone flight risks in real time

Real-time environment mapping

Our algorithm visualises real-time population density and traffic conditions

Flight plan risk calculation

Based on ground-level activity, the risks and impacts of given routes are quantified in seconds

Data-driven path optimisation

Flights paths can then be optimised to reduce risks by avoiding congested areas

Flock is working with multiple stakeholders:


can intelligently map their environment

Flock’s real-time ground level data analytics optimises flight paths, reduces accident risk and protects cargo

Insurance Providers

can accurately quantify and price risk

Flock considers and weights multiple data feeds, providing a quantified, on-the-spot risk profile for any flight

UTMs and Regulators

can understand impacts at ground level

Flock’s AI identifies high- and low-risk areas and flight corridors, providing insights to UTMs and regulators

Flock is currently Beta testing with selected partners

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